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Ksamil Legend “Heksa and Amil”

At the spring equinox, in June, all the creatures of the area gathered on the islands of Ksamil and discussed how to govern the region in the most suitable way. The waterfowl emerged from the lake of Butrint and participated, the sea horses likewise left the meadows of Poseidon and joined the event. Hexa, the elegant bird of the lake, known as Amil, the sea horse whose home was opposite the island of Sorkadhja. The sincerity of their actions was sowing love. The sun was setting beyond the twin islands, a sign that the day was ending and everyone had to return to their habitats. Heksa and Amil bid farewell without drama, but within them something didn't feel comfortable about parting. A whole year had to pass before they would meet again.
They lived in two different habitats, Heksa in the sweet waters of Lake Butrint and Amil in the Ionian Sea opposite the islands. Amil, with the temperament of a sea horse, could not wait so long, he expressed his concern to his friends, that night the friends joined in the decision that Amil had made. They would set out to find a passage to Lake Butrint, but found none. They built the vivarium canal, which today connects the sea to the lake. Amil met Heksa and they stayed in those intermediate waters for 8 months, from their love was born Ksamili, a mythical creature that now lives everywhere, even in the waters of the lake and the sea.
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