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Ksamil Islands

The Islands of Ksamil, or the Tetranisi Islands, are four small islands located in the southern district of Saranda, Albania. Twin island, Sorkadhja, Miu and Miss islands are their names. The islands are remote and can only be reached by swim, pedalo or by boat.

The village of Ksamil, after which the islands are named, is situated to the east of the islands. Activities like sailing, snorkeling and walkingthrough islands are most desired experiences. Personalized experiences are a great option, a service offered by professional local guides.

Blue Pool

Located along the sailing route to Tongo Island, there lies a secluded bay with pristine, clear waters. The beach boasts a sandy bottom, and the water takes on a light blue hue, resembling a luxurious pool set amidst untouched nature. We do stop for swim and snorkel during our boat trip & BBQ to Tongo Island.

Tongo Island

Tongo Island is an uninhabited island located in the southwest of the Republic of Albania. It is situated in the Ionian Sea, off the coast of the city of Saranda. The island has a very small surface area.

Tongo Island is located at the southernmost tip of Albania, near Cape Stillo, where the final border with Greece is also located. Access to Tongo Island can be made by boat or inflatable dinghy.

On the island, there also lives Babalja, the real-life Robinson Crusoe, who takes care of the fishing nets.

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